Welcome to IIT-HOME

Education, which was sacred in the Indian ethos, has unfortunately suffered immensely in today’s materialistic age. The genesis of IIT-HOME has been impelled by a mission to restore back the glory of education. IIT-HOME, which is more than just an educational institute believes in imparting TRUE EDUCATION to its students by inculcating in them the right values of truth, purity and sincerity. IIT-HOME is driven by a holistic approach to the overall development of its students in academic and spiritual realms. In addition to preparing its students for different competitive examinations, it is committed to empowering them for a multifariously victorious life, and incessantly strives for the same with selfless devotion.

A Little About Us...

IIT-HOME offers an ideal learning place where learning is enjoyed and growing is fun. It has emerged as a place where pupils imbibe the right values and a positive attitude over the crucial span of two years of their life - the two years, which witness a metamorphosis in the students towards becoming an independent and matured person. At IIT-HOME, the students are raised to maintain their mental and emotional equipoise through the ups and downs of the testing years and ultimately emerge as a contended victor.

IIT-HOME is distinguished by its vision of a pious approach to teaching & learning - the vision that has been translated into reality by the Managing Director, Ms. Nisha Kothari, who has managed to carve out the hitherto unimagined ‘TEMPLE FOR LEARNING.’

IIT-HOME is a unit of TRUE EDUCATION Institute Pvt. Ltd.